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282 The European Sky -God.

partner of Janus, was likewise an oak-goddess. One of her most famous cults was that on Mount Tifata near Capua ; and tifata meant " oak-groves." ^ Another was on the oak-clad Mount Algidus ; ^ a propos of which it should be observed that, when in 458 B.C. Roman envoys were sent to complain of a treaty broken by the Aequians, they were bidden to make their complaint to a huge oak- tree on Mount Algidus, under the shade of whose branches the Aequian commander had his quarters.^ The chief temple of Diana at Rome was on the Aventine,'^ whose slopes were covered in early days with the oak-wood of Picus and Faunus.^ A " very great and venerable sanctuary of Diana " was on the Caeliolus,^ which formed part of the Mons Ouerquetulanus.'^ Lastly, a relief in the Palazzo Colonna^ shows a statue of Diana standing beside an old but fruitful oak.

Substitutes for the oak are sometimes found in the cults of Italy, as in those of Greece.^ It is well known that the Greek word ^>;yo9, " oak," appears in Latin as fagns, " beech." ^^ The beech was in fact a religious as well as a verbal equivalent of the oak. Varro ^^ in his account of the Esquiline mentions the view that the hill derived its name from the oak-trees {aesaili) with which

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