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3IO The European Sky -God.

complimentary deus was sometimes substituted.^ The great comet (Halley's), which for seven nights after Caesar's death ghttered in the sky,^ contributed not a little to confirm the official apotheosis in the minds of the people at large. Octavius set up a bronze statue of Caesar with a star above his head in the temple of Venus.^ The temple of Divus Julius appears on a coin with a star affixed to its pediment.^ Numismatic busts, bas-reliefs, and statues were all distinguished by the same emblem, till the luliuni sidus or Caesaris astrimi passed into a poetic commonplace.^

Caesar had shown the way : Augustus, though with some apparent hesitation, followed it. Since the role of Jupiter had already been taken by Caesar, he took that of Apollo. A statue of him under the guise of this god was erected in the famous Library of the Palatine Apollo.^ Popular report said that he gave private banquets at which a dozen diners appeared dressed as the twelve gods and goddesses, the costume of Apollo being reserved for him.'^ Hence in time of famine people spoke of him as Apollo Tortor, " Apollo the Torturer." ^ Augustus did more to foster the cult of Apollo than any Roman before or after him ; and it has been suggested ® that in so doing he

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