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Collectanea. Square Beds.

Cross Beds.

In Ross-shire (Munlochy) the game of "Peaver" is called " Kettlie."

General Beds.

A girls' hopping-game. A number of parallel lines are drawn on a flat surface, one for each player, about a foot apart. The first player hops from space to space till she reaches the furthest, where she stoops and, still on one foot, marks within it with chalk the initials of her favourite general, e.g. F.R., G.W., etc., and then hops back to where she commenced. The same process is carried out by each player in succession till all the 'beds' are initialed. The first player then again hops through all the beds, forward and backward, taking care that her foot does not touch either the initials or the dividing line of any bed but her own, in the latter case she is permitted to touch