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Bavili Notes.

\97 Class. Each person living under his Kongo Zovo (head of district), with any pretensions to birth, should have four Bina.

The Xina of each of his grandparents is Xina Xixin- kaka}

Xixitata, the Xina of his father.

Xixifumba, the Xina of his mother.

In connection with this class it is astonishing how few can trace their pedigrees back to their grandparents. Take, for instance, the following examples.^

Tati of Benguela says his father's Xina was Ngiilnbti, the pig ; his mother's, Ngzvali, the partridge ; and that he is of the family of Nziku, the chimpanzee. His grand- parents were [both i*] of one Xibila or sacred grove, i.e. that which had Nzikii as its Xina.

Bayona of Ntumpu :

Father Kabi Antelope.

Mother Nziku Chimpanzee.

^ , ^ fNgulubu Pig.

Grandparents ^ ^ ^

I^Nyundu Xibanga Otter.

Engo of Futila (Kakongo) :

Father Kabi Antelope.

Mother Ngwali Partridge.

Grandparents Ngulubu Pig. Makamba of Xilendi Nkombi :

Father Nkombo Goat.

Mother a slave brought from the interior. Sungu of Xienji :

Father Nkombo Goat.

Mother Mpakasa Buffalo.


Father Mother

Ngwali Partridge,

he does not know.

^ I do not know whether this refers to grandfathers or grandmothers. -[There appears to be some confusion in the statements made to Mr. Dennett : no intelligible rule can be extracted from the examples. — N. W. T.]