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This page needs to be proofread.

Collectanea. a ex

" Tom Blair is a decent man, he goes to church on Sunday, Prays to Heaven to give him strength, to whip the boys on Monday."

"Who is there? Tom Blair, WTiat does he vi^ant? A bottle of beer. Where is your money? In my pocket, Where is your pocket ? I forgot it, 'Way down the stair Ye stupid blockhead."

"Pease brose again mother. Pease brose again. Thinking I'm a blackbird. Me your ane wean."

"The auld wife The cauld wife The bed fou o' banes."

"Stick, stack stone dead Stick him up, stick him doun Stick him in the old man's crown."

"Peter Dumdick, when did you flit? Yesterday morn when I got the kick."

"Hallelujah make a dumpling Hallelujah bring it ben Hallelujah make a big one Hallelujah amen."

"Hush-a-baa baby, dinna mak' a din, An' ye'll get a piece whan the baker comes in."

"Clap hands, clap hands till Mammie comes hame, Mammie will bring something, but Daddy will bring nane.

"Auld Robin in the loch Suppin' sowans oot a troch."

" Dainty Davie, curly pow. Wet the grass, an' mak' it grow."