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Anthropological Queries for Central Africa.

This little pamphlet of twenty 4to pages bears no name of author or publisher, but the " Prefatory Note " is signed by Mr. Charles H. Read, of the British Museum, from whom copies may, pre- sumably, be had on application. Anthropological Notes and Queries has been used as the basis of the work, with omissions and additions to suit it to its special purpose. There are sixty-five sections, embracing subjects so varied as Cannibalism, Machinery, Government, and Narcotics. Many of them are of course quite outside the scope of folklore, and otherwise unsuited for repro- duction here, but the following may be quoted to show the terse, practical and thorough character of the little brochure.

"XLV. Death, Burial, (i) What causes of death do they recognise? (2) Do relatives or others attend a dying man, or is he deserted? (3) How is the body treated after death? Prepared for burial? Any embalming? (4) How is the body carried to the grave ? Who attend ? Any mourning ; any mutilations ; any sacrifice? Blood custom? Fasting? (5) Shape of grave?

(6) What mode of burial ? Anything buried with the body ?

(7) What position is the body in ? Towards any special point of the compass ? (8) Is burial in a canoe ever practised ? (9) Is anyone refused burial ? Debtor ; person killed by lightning, etc. (10) Are women buried in the same way as men? All ranks in the same way? (11) Any mound or memorial on grave? Hut? Fire at or near grave ? How long ? Are mourners unclean ? Ceremonies of purification? (12) Is the body ever exhumed? Or the bones? What is done with them? Skull drinking-cup ? (13) Is exposure ever practised? How ? Any special customs? Influence on lot in future life? (14) Any memorial other than grave ? (15) Is cremation ever practised ? If so, answer questions as for burial. Any lamentation? (16) Any ceremonies, fasts, sacrifices, long after death ? "

"L. Magic and Magician, (i) Is there more than one kind of magician? What distinction? (2) Who become magi- cians? How? (3) Relation of priest to magician? Jealousy? Are they ever the same person ? (4) Does magician work (a) through natural laws (in his own belief); {b) through