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in other countries. These have been collected from Gomme, De Cock, and Teirlinck, and from Dr. Haddon's papers.

On account of a difficulty referred to above, it is impossible at present to be certain which names correspond to the particular figures in all cases, because in some places it would appear that the number of figures recognised is smaller. Of the application of many of the names there can be little doubt.

Fig. 18.

The English names have already been given, but there is a Suffolk variety as follows:—

Cat's cradle, Barn doors, Bowling green, Hourglass, Pound, Net, Diamonds, Fish pond, Fiddle.

Danish names: 1. Cradle; 2, ; 3, Mirror; 4, Cradle; 5, Hourglass; 6, Whale.

French names: "La scie" for the game; for the figures, "Le berceau, Les chandelles, Les carreaux, Las ciseaux," known in the vicinity of the town of Nantes.

German: "Faden abheben," for the game. For the figures, "Das Wasser, Die Schere, Die Geige, Die Wiege." The game is also called Hexenspiel.