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130 Minutes of Meeting.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21st, 1906. Mr. M. Longworth Dames in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The election of Major Fink as a member of the Society- was announced : and the enrolment of the University of Texas Library and the Dundee Free Library as subscribers was also announced.

Mr. M. Longworth Dames read a paper by the Rev. J. Meehan, E.C., on "The Cure of Elf-Shooting in the North- West of Ireland" [p. 200]. In the discussion which followed, Captain O'Brien, Mr. Rose, and the Chairman took part.

A paper by the Rev. Prof. A. H. Sayce entitled " More Cairene Folk-Lore" [p. 191], was read by the Secretary, on which Captain O'Brien and the Chairman offered some observations.

The Meeting concluded with votes of thanks to the Rev. J. Meehan and Prof. Sayce for their papers, and to the Chairman and Secretary for reading them.