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Vol. XVII.] SEPTEMBER, 1906. [No. III.

WEDNESDAY, 25tli APRIL, 1906.

The President (Dr. W. H. D. Rouse) in the Chair.

The Minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The death of Mrs. Nora Chesson was announced.

The election of Miss Ashton Rigby, Mrs. Hulst, and Mr. L. J. Pritchard as members of the Society was also announced.

Mr. W. L. Hildburgh exhibited a collection of Spanish amulets and ex voto offerings ; and read a paper thereon. A discussion followed in which Mr. Tabor, Mr. Nutt, and the Chairman took part.

Mr. N. W. Thomas read a paper entitled " The Scape- goat in Europe" [p. 258] which was followed by a discussion in which Dr. Gaster, Mr. Nutt, and Mr. Gomme took part.

The Meeting terminated with votes of thanks to Mr. Hildburgh and Mr. Thomas for their papers.