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344 '^^^ European Sky -God.

magnificent palace on an island inhabited by women, who dwelt apart from men ; ^ and that he wedded the mistress of it, a lady of surpassing beauty known by various names {V Orgueilleuse de Logres, Orgeluse, Blancemal, Lorie, Florie, Flort, Aimirfina, etc.), but originally nameless, and to be regarded as 'either the Daughter of the King of the Other- world, or as herself the Queen of that Other-world!'^ Finally Miss Weston remarks that 'a feature recurring in the Irish tales, the bearing of a branch of a wondrous tree by the queen, seems reflected in the command laid upon the knight to pluck the bough of the tree guarded by Gramoflanz.'^

The incident in question occurs in the Parzival of Wolfram von Eschenbach.^ Orgeluse bids Gawain, if he would win her as his bride, to break a bough from off a certain tree and bring her a garland of its fresh leaves. The tree is guarded by Gramoflanz, king of Rosche Sabbins.^ Gawain, traversing a v/ood of Tamris (tamarisk) and Prisein QY and crossing the Perilous Ford, reaches the tree, breaks a bough, and makes of it a garland for his helmet. Hereupon up rides a knight :

'Twas King Gramoflanz— ' To the garland that doth there in thine helmet

wave I yield not my claim ! ' thus quoth he, ' Sir Knight, were ye two I trow, Who here for high honour seeking had reft from my tree a bough, I had greeted ye not, but had fought ye, but since thou alone shalt be. Thou canst ride hence, for strife unequal I deem it a shame to me ! '

And Gawain, too, was loth to fight him, for no armour the king did wear, And nought but a yearling falcon he did on his white hand bear. (And the sister of Gawain gave it, Itonje the maid was hight.)

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