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the index loop to B's right thumb by placing them tip to tip, and immediately draws the little finger loop away towards B's left. Dipping the left index into the loop near B's left thumb on the other side of the ring, he takes up B string on its dorsal aspect. This index loop is transferred to B's right thumb by touching the tips as before. A now puts his left index into the ring or grasps it with his right hand, bidding B extend the loop on his thumbs. As B extends A drops the little finger loop and pulls the ring, which slides off (Fig. 6).

Fig. 6.

I was shown this method by Miss A. Kingston, as also a fourth method, in some ways superior to any I have described. Unluckily, it was her own invention.

Cutting off the Head.

Throw the loop over the head ; let the hinder string lie on the nape : grasp the side strings midway with either hand held near the chin, the remainder hanging loose in front. With a quick motion throw the right string over the left, catch the crossing strings in the mouth. With a similar motion cross the strings again, but this time let the right string pass under the left. Throw the loose front string over the head. There are now two side loops. Put the thumbs into them and extend quickly, letting go the mouth hold. The whole loop is now behind the back of the neck (Fig. 7).

I learnt this from a Bristol boy about 1875.

Miss A. Kingston informs me that this trick is also done by the method of the button-hole trick. By extending the loop on the thumbs behind the neck and making the proper movements,