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from above between the parallel strings, and pick up the left parallel string and bring it across the right parallel string.

Insert the right index from below into the loop on B's finger, the hand being palm upwards, and the middle and ring fingers closed in the palm.

Bend the right hand with fingers pointing downwards away from you and backs uppermost, the index and mid finger both taking up the left parallel string on their backs, but with the right parallel string between the two fingers (Fig. 19).

Fig. 19.

Place mid-finger tip on tip of B's finger. Withdraw index, and with left hand pull string, which will then run out.

This trick is almost identical with one known in the Caroline Islands (Uap Island), described by Mrs. Jayne,^ who also obtained it from a Chippewa Indian. If it be compared with the second method described, of performing the key-ring trick, the latter will be seen to be a skilful combination of this finger string-trick with a simpler form of the key-ring trick.

The above was obtained from Mrs. Brinkworth, Bath, by Miss A. Kingston, who kindly gave me the description.

1 C. F. Jayne, String Figures. Scribner, New York. 1906.