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This page needs to be proofread.



excellent description, which I give here, was kindly placed at my disposal by Dr. Haddon :

" Hold the left hand palm upwards, and pass it through the loop of string, leaving the thumb free. With right hand take up the slack of the loop from the back of the left hand, and bring it to the palm, passing the radial string between the first and middle fingers, and the ulnar string between the third and little. The slack of the loop is now on the palm side of the hand. Carry both strings to the radial side of the palm, and round the back of the thumb to the palm again ; the ulnar index string becomes the distal thumb string, and the ulnar third finger string becomes the proximal thumb string. Cross the distal thumb string over the proximal. Put the loop on to the little finger, the proximal (or under) thumb string passing from palm to back between the third and little fingers, and the distal thumb string (which hes uppermost) passing outside the little finger. Cross the strings again, the radial little finger string tmder the ulnar little finger string. Bring the crossed loop across the palm to the radial side, and put it on to the index, the radial little finger string becoming the radial index

Fig. 22.

string. Lift off the two thumb loops, pull tight (Fig. 22), and pass them from palm to back of hand between the middle and third fingers. There is now, besides the loops twisted round the roots of the fingers, a single palmar string lying across the roots of all the fingers. Pull this and all comes off."