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and index finger pass it to distal side of what was distal string, and lay it against aspect of index finger from which it came.

The original distal string now makes a loop round thumb, and the original proximal string a loop round the strings of this loop between thumb and index finger, and the two loose strings are on opposite sides of index finger.

Twist strings between index finger and middle finger as before, keeping the now distal string still distal, and repeat till they pass little finger.

Fig. 2^

Fig. 24.

Release thumb and pull the now proximal string (Fig. 24).

Mr. Oldham, who did this trick for me in a neat sailorly fashion, began the return or untwisting movement by taking hold of the end of the slack part of the string, which he retained till the construction was complete. Two loop ends remained on the thumb side of the hand, with which a little juggling might be done before pulling the ulnar strings.

Miss A. Kingston showed me a form of the trick in which both strings passed round the same side of the thumb, which was thus not included in the twisting movement. When the construction was finished there were then two loops on the thumb which had to be removed.

The analogy between this trick and the Kebe mokeis^ of the Torres Straits is palpable, but I confess to some doubt ^ Man, No. 109 ; Oct. 1902.