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402 Custom and Belief in Icelandic Sagas.

Second Quarter.

9. [EgiPs Saga, 933.) A howe was made for Harald

Harfagr at Haugasund.

10. {lb., 934.) Egil laid his father Skallagrim in a ship

and rowed out to Digraness. There a howe was made, and Skallagrim laid in with his horse and weapons and smith's tools. It is not told that movable property was laid with him in the howe.

11. {Waterdale Saga, 935.) Ingimund was laid in a

boat from the ship Stigandi, and everything done as honourably as was the custom with men of rank.

12. {Heimskringla, c. 950.) Hakon the Good had the

dead men laid in ships, which he drew up from the shore to the battlefield.

Last Quarter.

13. {EgiVs Saga, 960.) Skallagrim's howe was opened,

and Egil's son BoSvar laid in.

14. {Gisli's Saga, 963.) Vestein was laid in the howe

according to custom. His murderer Thorgrim bound on the hell-shoes, saying " It is customary when men have to walk to Valhalla."

15. {lb., 964.) Thorgrim was laid in a ship, and the

howe made in the old way ; before it was closed, his murderer Gisli put a stone in the boat as an anchor.

16. {Svarfdcela, 965.) Karl and the Eastman were

carried up to Karl's River, and there laid in a ship, and much treasure with them.

17. {Gislfs Saga, 978.) Thorkell was howed in the

old way.

18. {Laxdcsta, 972.) Hoskuld was howed honourably.

Little money was put in the howe with him.

19. {EgiVs Saga, 982.) A howe was made and Egil

laid in with his weapons and clothes.