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422 Custom and Belief in Icelandic Sagas.

that few could get speech with him ; he was fond of evening sleep. People said he was hamramr, He was called Kveldidf (evening-wolf).

3. {ThorskJirSinga, 930.) AskmaSr and Katla escaped

as swine. Thori killed one, and found it was AskmaSr, but Katla got away.

4. {lb.) Thurid in the form of a sow got in Kerling's


5. {HarlSar Saga, 950.) " It is no good to Hord if the

saying is true that men are like their mother's brothers, for thou art not einha^nr" (of one shape).

6. {Kormak^s Saga, 959.) Kormak wounded a walrus ;

they thought it had Thorveig's eyes. She lay ill after that, and some said she died of it.

7. {Laxdcela, 960.) A seal was seen in the water going

in a circle round the ship, much bigger than others. ... It seemed to all to have a man's eyes. Thorstein bade them shoot it ; they failed, and the ship was wrecked and all drowned but one.

8. {Hoensa-Thori's Saga, 964.) Thorbjorn "was not

always all where he was seen."

9. {Eyybyggja, 970-80.) Katla saved her son Odd from

his enemies by disguising him first as a distaff off which she spun yarn ; then as a goat ; then as a hog ; until they brought another sorceress, Geirrid, against whom glamour could not prevail.

10. {Haf6ar Saga, 980.) Hord's companions were

attacked by a bull, on the farm of Thorstein, whose fostermother, Skroppa, was a witch. He advised them to be careful because " All is not here as it seems." . . . They saw a sow and two pigs north of the garth ; and a band of armed men. They killed the sow with a stone, and there lay Skroppa dead, and Thorstein's two daughters stood beside her, and the men were a herd of cattle.