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34 ^^^ European Sky -God.

  • the Good-handed,' ^ bore a name that recalls Nuada
  • the Silver-handed ' : he had a son Anbechtach, of whom

we are told that he was called Glas because ' blue {glas) were his face and his countenance usually.' ^ Glais, the son of Nuadat-fail, alias Glachs, the son of Noethach- fail, was an early ancestor of the Scottish kings.^ Nuada Derg, ' the Red/ was nephew of Loegaire king of Ireland and attempted the life of St. Patrick.^ Nuada Find Feimin was reared at Find mag Feimin and bore the divine^ or princely name of Ailill OU-chain.*^ Nuada Sdlfota or 'Long-Heel' was a famous rath-builder, who had the strength of a hundred and could eat the fill of fifty.'^ Nuadha O'Lomthuile was a poet, who described the battle of Almhain in 718 A.D.^ A poem by Mac Firbis of Lecan mentions a certain O'Nuadan of Cal- raighe Laithim near Sligo.^ Finally, to come down to modern times, Dr. O'Donovan remarks that the family Mac Nowd or Gnoud is descended from an ancestor named Nuada.^

How comes it that all these kings and quasi-kings, bore the name of Nuada the sky-god and water-god ?

of two white bulls (Plin. )iat. hist. i6. 250 f.) ; the herb selago too must be plucked by one wearing a white robe (Plin. ib. 24. 103). Irish druids likewise sacrificed white bulls (D'Arbois Les Dt-uides etles dieux celtiques ^ forme d'animaux Paris 1906 p. 100) ; and the whitened walls of their houses may have had some sacred significance.

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