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Reviews, 507

pantheon are described by Monsieur E. Lefebure. Monsieur A. de Motylinski gives a translation of the creed professed by the heretical Abadhites, called also Kharidjites, the exclusive and intolerant sect which includes the Mozabite race, sometimes styled the " Puritans of Islam," who slew Ali, husband of Fatimah, daughter of the prophet, for his apostasy. Monsieur Leon Gauthier presents Averroes' treatise in favour of religious freethought. In another essay new light is thrown on the ancient geography of North Africa. Monsieur Rene Basset, Director of the Ecole Superieure des Lettres in Algiers, contributes, besides the preface, an erudite bibliography, such as few others could write. In sum, the volume may be read with great pleasure and profit, imparting as it does valuable local knowledge of a kind difficult to acquire otherwise, at least so easily and agreeably.

J. B. Andrews.


Two Queries.

Are there any recorded cases in E?igltsh folklore of spooks ■with feet like birds' feet? I think so, but cannot find a refer- ence.

Further, does anybody know a game called Golowain ? if so, in what part of England is it so called, and what is — or is supposed to be — the origin of the name?

A. Lang.