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IV. — (December, 1906.)
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 16th May, 1906 385
Minutes of Meeting: Wednesday, 20th June, 1906 386
Custom and Belief in the Icelandic Sagas. L. Winifred Faraday 387
The European Sky-God; VII., The Celts. Arthur Bernard Cook 427

Cropping Animals’ Ears. J. Smeaton Chase 72
Cat’s Cradle. W. Innes Pocock 73
Additions to The Games of Argyleshire, IV. R. C. Maclagan 93
Tree-Worship in China. A. R. Wright 190
Cairene Folklore, III. A. H. Sayce . 191
The Cure of Elf-shooting in the North-west of Ireland. Father Joseph Meehan, E.C. 200
Additions to The Games of Argyleshire, V. R. C. Maclagan 210
A Yorkshire Wassail-Box. E. Wright 349
Some English String-Tricks. W. Innes Pocock 351
Notes on Spanish Amulets. W. L. Hildburgh 454
Spanish Votive Offerings. W. L. Hildburgh 471
Travel Notes in South Africa. E. Sidney Hartland 472

The Native Tribes of South-East Australia. A. W. Howitt 107
“The Shade of the Balkans.” M. Edith Durham 111
Does the Folklore Society Exist for the Study of Early Institutions? H. A. Rose 111
Hand-Impressions instead of Seals. W. G. Aston 113
Betrothing Custom. W. Crooke 114
Translations of Folklore Publications. G. Laurence Gomme 230
The Legend of Merlin. Jessie L. Weston 230
Mr. Clodd on Crystal-Gazing. Andrew Lang 231
Does the Folklore Society Exist for the Study of Early Institutions ? Charlotte S. Burne 233
Crystal-Gazing. Edward Clodd 373
Two Queries. Andrew Lang 512