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The figure thus formed is a diamond in the middle, formed by the crossing of two pairs of parallel strings, each pair running slant from the thumb of one hand to the index of

Fig. 2.

the other. They pass round thumbs and indices and continue as short end strings connecting either thumb with its index, and long side strings connecting the two hands. The end strings lie distal, the side strings proximal.

III. Pound of Candles, Candles, Rushlights, Bowling Green.

First Player. Grasp the X strings at the side angles of the diamond in the last figure by putting thumbs and indices from above into the opposite angles which open towards the second player's hands. Separate the hands upward and transfer the held strings to the under side of the figure. Push thumbs

Fig. 3.

and indices well up between the side strings, separate the hands and extend, lifting the figure off the second player's hands. Fig. 3,