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Contents. vii FAGK

C. Gopalan Nair. Wynad: Its Peoples and Traditions. F. Fawcett 524
G. C. Wheeler. The Tribe and Intertribal Relations in Australia. E. S. Hartland 526
J. Bolte, K. Krohn, A. Olrik, and C. W. von Sydow.' FF Communications (1-6). A. R. Wright 529

Short Notices:—
K. Haddon. Cats’ Cradles from Many Lands 128
H. Hermannsson. Islandica, Vol. III. Bibliography of the Sagas of the Kings of Norway, and related Sagas and Tales. L. W. Faraday 270
F. Heinemann. Bibliographie National Suisse 271
W. W. Skeat. The Past at our Doors: or The Old in the New around us 271
M. and N. Tremearne. Fables and Fairy Tales for Little Folks or Uncle Remus in Hausaland 272
A. C. Parker. Iroquois Uses of Maize and other Food Plants 272
Canadian Folk-Lore Society. First Annual Report 399
M. B. Mirehouse. South Pembrokeshire. Some of its History and Records 399
Bye-Gones relating to Wales and the Border Counties 400
A. Stapleton. All about the Merry Tales of Gotham 400
A. C. Haddon. History of Anthropology 530
A. C. Haddon. The Wanderings of Peoples 530
W. W. Skeat. The Place-Names of Berkshire 530

Index 531
List of Plates:—
I. Bushongo Hunting Fetish “Tambo” To face page 42
II. Bushongo “Nyenge” Mask 44
III. Corbehagh. Killone: St. John’s Well and Altar 52
IV. Wartstone, Doughnambraher. Inscription, Glenfahan. Kinallia Altar and Stones 54
V. Killeany Church, Co. Clare 56
VI. Stones, Cullaun and Magh Adhair. Ennis Amber Bead 58
VII. The Mṣalla outside Bäb FtsÖh at Fez 132
VIII. Hérma at Marráksh 170