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no Reviews.

folk-tales will find numbers of old favourites, which he will be able to add to his list of variants. The reader who seeks no more than amusement will find it in plenty. In nearly every case the name, place of abode, age, and often the occupation of the narrator are added as a guarantee of good faith, according to M. Sebillot's custom.

E. Sidney Hartland.


Korrespondenzblatt, N. lo, (Dec. 1909).

Hessische Blatter fur Volkskunde. Band viii, Heft 3 ; Band ix, Hefte i, 2, 3. Leipzig: B. G. Teubner, 1909-10.

There is announced in the Mitteilungen des Verbandes deutscher Vereine fur Volkskunde the establishment of a central institute {Zentrale) for all the German Folklore Societies. The object is to make all the known material accessible to the members. To bring this about, every Vereinfiir Volkskunde is requested to send to the Zentrale a copy of everything published by it, as well as photographs, reproductions of pictures, etc. which illustrate folk- lore in its various departments. The Zentrale has three main departments: — (i) Bibliographical, i.e. a complete catalogue of all folklore literature, whether in books, periodicals, or even country newspapers; (2) a department in which pictures, photographs, etc. are classified and catalogued ; (3) a department from which questions are sent out to every society. Although the object of the Zentrale is primarily to investigate systematically German folklore and to further its study, non-German folklore is not excluded. The seat of the Zentrale is in Hamburg, where magni- ficent libraries and the ethnographical museum are at its service. The large number of scholars who are giving their time and experience to help to carry out the object for which the Zentrale was established, not to speak of the perseverance and thoroughness of our German cousins, will doubtlessly insure the success of this important undertaking. Why cannot we follow their example ? The Mitteilungen contain also the report of the 50th Congress