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Calendar Customs of the British Isles. (An^e, pp. lo, 14.)

The Committee appointed to carry out the scheme for the Folk- Lore Society's new edition of the Calendar Customs portion of Brand's Popular Antiquities have procured copies of Ellis's edition of Brand, Hone's Every Day Book, Year Book, and Table Book, and Chambers' Book of Days, which are in course of being cut up and pasted for collation, to form a framework into which to fit additional matter. The Council has made a grant of two salvage copies of each of the publications of the Society containing matter relating to any part of the United Kingdom, which will be collated in like manner.

The Committee have already received promises of help in various ways from Lady Gomme, Miss Edith F. Carey, Miss Roalfe Cox, Miss Eyre, Mr. F. G. Green, Capt. Bryan Jones, the Rev. C. S. Swainson, and upwards of twenty other members. They would be glad to hear of more workers, whether members of the Society or not, and especially {a) of more correspondents in Scotland, and {b) of readers who would undertake to examine and make extracts from local serial publications such as Fen/and Notes and Queries, Herts and Middlesex N. and Q., Northa7npton- shire N. and Q., Notts and Derby N. afid Q., and Shropshire N. and Q., Byegones, and many others.

These are the most pressing needs of the moment. Anyone who can help in these or any other ways is requested to write