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236 Co^'respondence.

bavins ! They dursn't burn 'em if you gave them away, — they don't want the devil down their chimbleys !"^

^fh May, 191 1. R, M. Heanley.

Holly for Whip-Stocks.

{Ante, p. 18.)

In one of the " eighties " of the last century I was at Barnet during the celebrated horse-fair. Holly sticks were being sold. One seller was a magnificent old gipsy woman, — a veritable Meg Merrilies. She must have stood over six feet. She wore dull brown clothing, brightened by a red and yellow handkerchief about her throat. In her hand were several of the sticks; peeled, if I remember rightly. I was told they were sold in the fair every year, and used in driving the animals bought.

M. Peacock.

Parish Gleanings from Upton St. Leonard's, Gloucestershire.

In an interesting pamphlet called Parish Gleanings from Upton St. Leonard's, Gloucestershire, the Rector of the Parish, the Rev. E. C. Scobell, gives some account of the history, legends, beliefs, and customs connected with this village, which is situated at the foot of the Cotswold Hills, about three miles south-east of Glouces- ter. The following extracts will be of interest to folklorists : —

The Cherry Fair was held on the first three Sundays after July 5th, old Midsummer Day. Stalls with cherries, ginger-bread, etc., were placed near the King's Head, and previously near the church. People assembled from neighbouring places, sports, wrestling matches, etc., were held, which in- volved disorderly scenes.

David Harris (died 1904, aged 94) described how the men of " Brockroth " (_sic) and Whaddon " came to attack we." " We met them with our fists and with sticks, and the blood did flow ; it was like Waterloo in Upton. Some constables was there, but they was no good of." This was in 1840, and is still remembered at Brookthorpe. A similar scene took place in 1854, when men came on purpose to wreck the stalls.

^Cf. Notes and Queries, ist S., vol. vii. {1853), p. 177.