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346 Collectanea.

and died. So he (Centipede) said, — "Now, Girl, you may go home."

45. The Girl who married a Snake. (B. G.)

This is about a certain maiden. (In the) whole town (there was) not her equal in beauty,^ (not in) the whole town. (Of) every youth everyone came seeking (her) in marriage. Then she said her marriage w^as not for money. She said, — " (I shall marry) only him who, (when) his body has been washed and examined all over, not one blemish will be found. All the youths came from this town, and that town, and the other town. Their bodies were examined, (and of them) all there was not one (he) who had not a blemish. So she said her husband w'as not amongst them. Then two Snakes in the forest heard the news. So they changed into men, and came and said they had come to plead their suits. Then one was washed. His body was examined ; from foot to eye there was no blemish, not even one. So she said, — "Very well. That was (to be) her husband." Then her younger sister said she would follow her, but she (maiden) said, — "Do not follow me and spoil my happiness." Then the younger sister changed into a fly, and got inside her load. So they were travelling oh and on in the bush, and came to an ant-(hill), and the man said, — " Knock down the ant-(hill), and get the flour from inside for us to eat." So she took it, and mixed it for them, and they drank (it). Then they went to their home. When they had got home she put down her load.^ When she had put down her load, she saw her younger sister come out. Then she said, — " Oh, I forbade you to follow me here. Yet you have followed me to ruin my happiness?" So she ignored her, and said, — " I shall allow you to stay with me, but, if I see you are going to ruin my happiness, I shall drive you away home " (you return home). They lived thus. The men used to go to the stream with the Snakes, and eat frogs. Now the younger sister climbed up a tree near the water, where they were eating frogs.^ She sang to them, saying, — " I salute you, husbands

  • Lit. " (There was) not the owner of her beaut)-."

' " Kill to me marriage."' See footnote to story 12.

  • 'The woman always carries the load.

^ And, apparently, changed into a l)ird.