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Collectanea. 357

which she may recognize him. The maiden returns to her father's house, and the Prince to the house of the old woman. After this everyone is able to have plenty of water. The maiden tells her father how she was rescued by a brave youth.

One day the Prince inquires of the old woman why it is that this land is always dark.

"My son," she answers, "there is an eagle which has young ones every year, but a dragon devours them all, and the eagle because of its grief cuts off our light."

The Prince obtains permission of the old woman to visit the eagle's nest. He goes, and sees that truly an eagle has a nest upon a high rock. The Prince lies down beneath it. He sees the dragon come hissing towards the eaglets. The Prince dispatches it with his magic sword, and feeds bits of its flesh to the eaglets. They make a great outcry as they eat the flesh. The eagle hears her young ones, and hastens to them. She thinks that the Prince is injuring them, and she flies to attack him. But her young ones cry, — " Spare. What are you doing ? If it had not been for that man the dragon would have devoured us. He has killed the dragon."

Then the eagle says to the Prince, — " Tell me what kindness I can do you in return for this."

" Oh, help me reach my Land of Light," the Prince replied.

"What you ask is very difficult," said the eagle, "but, since you have saved my young ones, I will do as you wish. Go bring me forty skins'^ of wine, and forty sheep-tails."^

Now, that day when the daughter of the King had been delivered from the dragon the King had sent out criers saying, — " Let him who rescued my daughter come forth, and I will give him my daughter's hand, and whatever else he shall choose to demand."

Hundreds and thousands went and said, — " I killed the dragon ; I am he who rescued your daughter." But the maiden said (of each), — " No, this is not he." There was no one left (to ask) in the city.

Then the King asks, — " Is there no one else?"

^ Goatskin bottles are the common receptacles for wine.

^ The large tails of the sheep common in Asia Minor are referred to here.