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Vol. XXII.] DECEMBER, 191 1. [No. IV.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5tli, 1911.

The President (Mr. W. Crooke) in the Chair.

The minutes of the February and March meetings were read and confirmed.

The election of Mr. A. W. Beckett, Mr. G. F. B. de Gruchy, the Rev. R. M. Heanley, and Dr. F. S. Schmidt, as members of the Society, and the enrolment of the Illinois University Library, the Oriental Institute (Vladi- vostock), and the North Staffordshire Field Club as subscribers to the Society, were announced.

The resignation of Mrs. J. G. Speakman was also announced.

Miss C. S. Burne exhibited a collection of Pace Eggs from Cumberland and Lancashire. Major A. J. O'Brien read a paper entitled " Some Matrimonial Problems of the Western Border of India " (pp. 426-48), and exhibited a number of photographs of Balochis and Mohammedans of the Western Punjab. In the discussion which followed Sir James Wilson, Mr. Clodd, Mr. T. C. Hodson, Mr. Torday, and the President took part.

The meeting terminated with a hearty vote of thanks to Major O'Brien for his paper.