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Collectanea. 459

thing on the farm. Then the husband said, — " All right." When she was about to go again, a boy, the son of the first wife, was told to follow her behind and see what she was doing in the forest. But she did not know. So the boy went and climbed a bushy tree. He arrived before her at the farm. When he arrived he climbed a bushy tree, and hid. So, when she came, she called her fellow Gazelles. They came in a crowd and ate the okroes. When they had eaten (them), she turned into a human being (again) and returned home. She said she had not found anything at the farm. Then the boy came and told his father. So the father said, — "All right." About three days afterwards she was told to return and get some okroes. So she went. But the husband followed behind her. When she had come, she put down the calabash, and changed and became a Gazelle. When she had become (one), she went and called her fellows. She called them. They came. They took the okroes and ate (them). As for the husband he was watching them. Then her fellows went away, and she changed into a human being, took up her calabash, returned home, and said she had not got anything. Then the husband came back and said, — " Oh, indeed, so-and-so is a Gazelle ? " As for her she was grinding (corn). While he was speaking a Gazelle tail appeared. Then she left the grinding, and changed (herself), and went away at a run. Then the husband followed her, but did not catch her. So he returned home and remained.

48. The Elephant's Daughter. (M.)

A certain man (found) an Elephant lying down. When she was lying down he came and caused her to conceive. When he had caused her to conceive, she gave birth to a girl. The Elephant was (still) sleeping. She did not awake (arise) until that time, until the girl grew big. So it was that, when the Elephant arose from sleep, she said, — "You Girl, what has brought you here?" She said, — "What? I came out of your inside." So then she said, — "Oh !" The girl was ugly, (the owner of badness). Then the Elephant said, — "You must not remain here now. You must go into the town." She (Elephant) said, — " If you remain here, my relatives will eat you." So then the Elephant went and got 'Lit. "When they had (made) days about three."