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This page needs to be proofread.

462 Collectanea.

power to transform (himself). So he heard the news of a she- devil who was giving magic spells for transformation. So he went and said, — "O She-Devil, I have come to you to be given a spell for changing that I may become a horse." So she said, — " Very well." She brought (it), and gave him (it). So he went home. When he had gone home, he told his brothers to plait a rope and a hobble. So they plaited (them). Then he took them and came with them to a great city like Zaria, and he became a horse (like) an Asben (horse). The townspeople used to buy Asben horses for twelve slaves. When he had become a horse (finished thus), he said to his brothers, — " Now, you seize me and take me to the Chief, (that) he may give you twelve slaves." So they went to the Chief, and said, — " Look at our horse. We have brought (it) to sell." So the Chief said, — "Very well. Your horse is a good (one). I will buy (it for) twelve slaves." They said, — "Agreed. Do not tie him up loosely, (lest) he bolt, but tightly." The Chief said, — "All right, I understand." When he had tied him up inside the house, the day of inspecting the town came. Then the Chief said, — "Well, let me ride my horse which I bought (for) twelve slaves, that I may enjoy myself." When he had mounted him, he (horse) began prancing, and prancing, and prancing. When he saw any women he would bow and salute them. Then the Chief said, — "Well, I have never seen such an enjoyable horse " (with sweetness thus).

Now, when they had come near the door of the house, the Chief dismounted, and the horse bolted. Now in the town were two thousand horses. So all (the riders) followed him at a gallop, but he escaped from them. Now there was a certain seeker of magic in the Chief's house, and he also had a horse. So the Chief said, — " Now follow him. Wherever he enters you seize (him)." Well, he (Auta) was galloping on, and on, and on, and he (seeker of magic) was following, and following, and follow- ing him. When he (Auta) saw that he (seeker of magic) had almost caught him, he arose ^^ and became a hawk. He also, the pursuer, abandoned his horse, and became an eagle, (and kept on) following him. When he turned his head and saw him (getting)

^'^ Tashi is almost untranslateable in these sentences, but seems to be the proper word to use with zamma and rikidda.