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32 2 Collectanea.

So time passed, and they forgot their promise. So now the time of the birth comes, and the Fisherman's wife gives birth to a boy, whom she calls Peter.

Peter grew stronger than any other child. Then, when he was older, he went with the other children to school. Coming back from school one day, he said to his Mother :

" Mother, give me a bundle with some food, for I am going ! "

His mother asked :

"Where are you going, darling?"

So he said :

" I am going to whom my father gave me."

Then his mother was reminded of her husband's promise, and she began to beg her son not to go : but in vain. When she saw it was useless, she put some food into a bundle, and kissed her Peter, who then went away.

Walking along the road, the child meets a man, the man says :

"Good day, Peter."

"Thanks to you," answered Peter.

"But where are you going, Peter?" asked the man.

" I'm going to whom my father gave me," answered Peter again.

" So ! " said the man, " Then you are my child ! "

For I must tell you, the man Peter met on the road was the River-Monster that had come out of the water, and had been seen by Peter's father.

"Go further on along this road," said the Monster again, "and you will meet my horse, which will take you to my house."

So Peter goes on, and meets the horse. But I must tell you, that horses used to talk at that time. Then the horse said to Peter :

"Where to, Peter "?" for notice that the horse knew his name. Peter said :

" I'm going to whom my father gave me."

" You see," said the Horse, " I've wandered about, just like you, only. . . . Here's an idea ! Jump on my back, and we'll go wherever our eyes shall lead us."

So Peter jumped on the Horse's back, and they went away. How much they rode, where they rode, I don't know ; it is