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326 Collectanea.

The wretched Peter says he doesn't know where to get her from, but it's no use, for he has to go and look for her. He goes to the Horse and tells him all, so the Horse says :

" Never mind ! We'll bring her, too ! " . . . and they went off.

They came to the sea, and the Horse stopped.

" Do you see that glass house there? It belongs to the Pride- of-the-World ; she lives there," said he. " Go inside and take her, only be sure that she sleeps. Take her quickly in your arms ; if she wakes up whilst you are indoors, you are lost; but if she wakes up outside, she can't harm you."

Peter goes inside the glass house, and finds the Pride-of-the- World sleeping. When he saw her, he never wished to leave her, then he remembered the Horse's words, took her in his arms, and out he went with her.

The Pride-of-the-World now asked Peter where he was going to take her. He answered :

"To Emperor Rusty Beard."

So on they went, and brought her to the Emperor.

When the Emperor saw her, he asked her to marry him on the spot, but she said she would not marry him until he brought her the glass house, without breaking it.

" Peter, go and bring the glass house ! " said the Emperor, and Peter went off again with his Horse, to fetch the glass house.

While they are going to fetch the glass house, we'll have a look at the Pride-of-the-World. I don't know if you ever saw her, — but I did ! Lord ! But she was beautiful ! As soon as I saw her, I fell so in love with her, that had I had a revolver in my pocket, I would have shot myself. However, it's rather lucky for you I didn't have one, for were I dead, who would tell you this tale ?

I should like to tell you some more about her, but please for- give me if I don't, for look, Peter is struggling to fetch the glass house, and I must go and help him.

Now what shall we do, for we can't take the house, even if two and a half more men came to help us ? So what flashes into the Horse's mind ? He says to Peter :

" Now you just think of those men that you once gave bread to."