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^^S Minutes of Meetings.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17th, 1915. The President (Dr. R. R. Marett) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last Meeting were read and confirmed.

The election of Mr. T. H. Vines, Mr. A. Ouin-Harker, Miss Musson, Miss C. Pollard, and Mr. R. L. Junghanns as members of the Society was announced.

The death of the Rev. R. M. Heanley, and the resigna- tions of Mr. G. Cadbury, Jr., Mr. C. P. Bowditch, Miss A. Garrett, Mrs. Montague, Mr. J. A. Fallows, the Rev. J. Roscoe, Mrs. Singer, and Miss de Brisay were also announced.

The President apologized for the absence of Mr. Lovett, who had been advertised to give a lecture on the Children's Toy Museum at Stepney, owing to serious illness.

Dr. Hildburgh exhibited and explained a number of Spanish amulets from his collection, upon which Dr. Gaster offered some observations.

The President delivered a lecture on the " Prehistoric Monuments of the Channel Islands and their Folk-Lore," which was copiously illustrated by lantern slides ; and in the discussion which followed Miss Burne, Miss Moutray Read, and Dr. Gaster took part.

The meeting terminated with hearty votes of thanks to Dr. Hildburgh for exhibiting his amulets, and to the President for his lecture.