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This page needs to be proofread.

Catalogue of Brand Material.

Simnel Cakes (round plum- cakes encased in hard saf- fron-coloured crust, edges scalloped) made and sold -

Simnel or Simblin Cakes (rich, fiat round plum- cakes, edges scalloped) made and sold

" Symbol " Cakes

Wafers . . - .

{e) Special Viands provided for Visitors.



Lamb, suet pudding, furmety Veal -----

Veal and furmety

,, with " laid " (gravy mixed with milk)

,, rice pudding, and cus- tard " Fraises " (a sort of thick

pancake) _ _ .

" The last of the mincemeat " Plum-pudding (to give

strength in harvest) " Fag " (fig) pies

Braggot ale . - .

(/) Sports and Pastimes.

Boys attach coloured shreds to women's gowns on road to church - . -

Bell-ringing . . .


Bury, Lanes. (Devizes, what evidence ?).

Worcestershire, Warwick- shire.

Hants (Chilbolton, Leck- ford).

Lanes. (Altcar), Notts., Somerset (Bristol),



Gloucester (Haresfield), Herefordshire, Worces- tershire.


South Staffs.

South Salop.

Salop (Stottesden). Salop (Pulverbatch).


Lanes. (Blackburn, Ros- sendale).

Lanes. (Altcar, Black- burn, Leigh, etc.).

Lanes. (Leigh). Herefordshire.

further, that iced cakes are only reported from the area around Bristol, the port of entry for West Indian imports.