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This page needs to be proofread.

MEMBERS {corrected to August, 1915).

The letter C placed before a vienibers itaiiie indicates that lie or she has compounded.

1884. Abercromby, The Hon. J., 62 Palmerston Place, Edinburgh {Vice-


1899. Amersbach, Professor K., 32 Gliimer Strasse, Freiburg in Baden,

Germany. 1909. Anderson, R. H., Esq., 95 Ale.xandra Rd., N.W. 1894. Anichkov, Professor E. 1906. Ashton-Rigby, Miss L. E., Beverley Lodge, Leamington.

1900. Baker, Judge Frank T., 643 Woodland Park, Chicago, 111., U.S.A.

1912. Balfour, Henry, Esq., Langley Lodge, Headington Hill, Oxford.

1913. Balleine, A. E., Esq., Craven House, Northumberland Avenue, W.C. 1903. Banks, Mrs Mary M., 7 Wadham Gardens, N.W.

1913. Barker, W. H., Esq., 7 Cavendish Drive, Leytonstone, N.E.

1914. Basevi, Lt.-Col. W. H. F., United Service Club, Pall Mall, S.W.

1885. Basset, Mons. Ren^, Villa Louise, Rue Deufert Rochereau, Algiers. 1913. Bayley, Harold, Esq., 20 Alexandra Court, 171 Queen's Gate, S.W. 1913. Bayly, Miss May F., 30 Leckford Road, Oxford.

1913. Beazley, John D., Esq., Christ Church, Oxford.

1892. Billson, C. J., Esq., M.A., The Priory, Martyr Worthy, Winchester.

1906. Binney, E. H., Esq., M.A., 21 Staverton Rd., Oxford.

1912. Blackburne, Miss G. Ireland, S.Th., 14 Motcomb St., Belgrave

Square, S.W.

1913. Blackman, Miss, Elmdene, 348 Banbury Rd., Oxford.

1902. Bladen, W'. Wells, Esq., Fairlie, Stone, Staffs.

1890. Bolitho, T. R., Esq., per W. Cooper, Esq., Estate Office, Treng-

wainton, Hea Moor R.S.O., Cornwall. 1888. Bonaparte, Prince Roland, 10 Avenue d'I6na, Paris. 1882. Bowditch, C. P., Esq., in Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 1880. Brabrook, Sir E. W., C.B., V.P.S.A., Langham House, Wallington,

Surrey {Vice-President and Trustee). 1878. Britten, James, Esq., 41 Boston Rd., Brentford. 1892. Broadwood, Miss Lucy E., 84 Carlisle Mansions, S.W.

1903. Brown, James, Esq., Netherby, Galashiels.