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Cataloouc of Brand Material.


Fairies seen at cross-roads Stolen mortals ride with them Unbaptised babies escape from

them ----- Fairies flitting should not be

watched - - - -

Fairies go through houses ^ Fairies attack cattle Fairies and spirits meet, mortals

should remain indoors (c) Danger from spirit-world Dead reappear Dead released from Purgatory

48 hours (Oct. 31 to Nov. 2) - Dead walk at Toome Church

(so living must never look

behind) - - - -

Dead dance ; mortals must not

look at them

Dead have power over all things and hold festival with fairies - - - -

Dead visit their homes, 2nd November.

Dead called up, answer ques- tions, must be sprinkled with blood -----

III. General Observances.



Hospitality to Dead {Nov. All Souls' Eve).


(Wood Martin, ii. 12). Co. Leitrim.

Co. Mayo.

West Coast Islands. West Coast Islands. West Coast Islands.

West Coast Islands. Co. Clare. General.

Co. Louth (Kilcurry).

Toome Island.

Western Islands (Shark


Western Islands.

(Wood Martin, Elder Faiths, ii. 274).

Fire and food left for them -

Mourne ]\Its

Chairs set and water left

Co. Cavan.


Food and fire not given out

of house - - - -


Salt put in milk if given away


Drink avoided (Wilde, Anc.

Cures, p. 123).

Salt put on child's head

(Andrews, p. 15)


1 Remedy, new door made.