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Notes and News.

Stones and Folk-Tales. G. B. Grinnell, Blackfoot Lodge Tales.

The newly constituted Irish Literary Society held its first meeting on March 1st, the opening address being given by the Rev. Stopford Brooke, who dwelt on the interest and charm of the mythic and traditional literature of the Celts. It is sincerely to be hoped that the new Society may be able to rouse enthusiasm for, and direct energy towards, the collecting and preservation of Irish legend and folk-lore. In so doing it may count upon the sympathy and support of the Folk-lore Society. The Hon, Sec. of the Irish Literary Society is Mr. T. W, Rolleston, Hart Street, Bloomsbury.

Articles, etc., intended for the next (June) number of Folk-Lore should reach the Office, 270, Strand, W.C., on or before May 1st.