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Ti6 Annual Report of the Council.

Evening meetings have been held on the following dates: January 13th, Feb. loth, March 9th, April 13th, May nth, June 15th, November 23rd, and December 21st.

The papers read at these meeting were —

The Sin Eater. By Mr. E. S. Hartland, F.S.A. Fians, Fairies, and Picts. By Mr. D. MacRitchie. The Pied Piper of Hamelin. By Mrs. Gutch. Divination among the Malagasy, together with Native Ideas

as to Fate and Destiny. By the Rev. J. Sibree. An Analysis of some Finnish Songs on the Origin of

Things. By the Hon. J. Abercromby. Armenian Folk-lore. By Prof Tcheraz. Some Queries as to Animism. Mr. J. Stuart-Glennie. The Easter Hare. By Mr. C J. Billson. On a Marriage Custom of the Aborigines of Bengal. By

Mr. E. S. Hardand, F.S.A.

Short papers were also read on the First-Foot Super- stition, by Mr. T. W. E. Higgens ; on the Buck's Leap, by Miss Burne ; on a Wedding Dance Mask from co. Mayo, by Prof A. C. Haddon ; on Christmas Mumming Plays, by Mr. T. F. Ordish, F.S.A.; on Obeah Worship, by Mrs. Robinson ; on the Sin-Eater, by Mrs. Murray Aynsley ; on the Cow Mass formerly held at Dunkirk, by Mr. E. Peacock, F.S.i\. ; and a paper entitled Miscellanea, by Mr. M. J. Walhouse.

The publications for the year were : Folk-Lore, vol. iii, issued to members as usual in quarterly parts; County Folk- lore, Part I (Gloucestershire), and Cviderclla Story Variants, edited by Miss Roalfe Cox, with an Introduction by Mr. Lang, which, it is expected, will be ready for delivery to members by Easter next. The Council also have in hand for 1893 the Saxo Grannnaticus, translated by Mr. Oliver Elton, with an Litroduction by Mr. York Powell, which is now in a forward state of preparation. Such parts of County Folk-lore as may be printed off will also be issued to members, and the second volume of The Dcnluiin Tracts, edited by Dr. Hardy, is also partly through the press.

During the year the Society has lost eight members by death, and twenty-five by withdrawal ; but the Council