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The Oldest Icelandic Folk-lore.

The child was then sprinkled with water, and called Thorsteinn. 5. 6. in some MSS.)



álag (on-lay), a spell or imprecation pronounced on a place. (28.)

álfreka, hafa, to defile a place so that the elves are driven away from it. (7.)

bergbui, an inhabitant of the hills, a giant. (33.)

blót, a religious ceremony, a sacrifice, or sacrificial feast ; blótmadr, one addicted to such observances ; blóta, to worship, hallow, or sacrifice (12-20). blóta til óthurftar, to perform ceremonies for another's harm. (17.)

brandir vedrspáir, ship's beaks, which foretell the weather. (10. 18.)

bregda sér, to change one's shape by sorcery. (27.)

deyja i fjall, i hóla, to pass into the fell (knolls) at death. (7. 8.)

fjölkyngi (much knowledge), magic, knowledge of magical arts (21. 22. 23); also adj. fjölkunnigr, possessed of magical knowledge. (27. 28.)

framsynn, gifted with insight into the future. (19.)

fridr, sanctuary, inviolability. Mæri fridr, so named from the Temple of Marl at Thrandheim. (9.)

fródleikr, learning, knowledge, with added idea of sorcery. (23.)

hamfarir, in the phrase i hamförum, travelling in an assumed shape, a power possessed by wizards. (24.)

hamrammr, having the power of putting on other shapes. (29. 30. 31.)

hlutr, a small image (e.g., of Freyr or Thor) carried about as a talisman (24). Hallfred was accused of carrying one of Thor after he had become a Christian (Flateybk., i, 329).

hörgr, a heathen place of worship, being an altar erected on some high place. (8.)

landvættir, the guardian spirits of a country (fairies, etc.). (32. 33. 34.)

marntennill, a merman, man of the sea. (35.)

meinvættir, spirits who do injury to one. (27,)

nikurhestr = vatnshestr, a river-horse, "kelpie". (36.)

ófreskr, second-sighted, in the sense of being able to see things going on in the spiritual world which are hid from ordinary mortals. (27. 31. 33.)

rammaukinn, possessed of more than mortal strength. (28. 41.)

trollkarl, a male-troll, a giant. (22.)

völva, the general name for a witch. (24.)

W. A. Craigie.