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This page needs to be proofread.

486 The Edinburgh Dinnshenchas.

tree 30 cubits in girth and 300 cubits in height, which bore fruit thrice a year, and remained hidden from the Deluge till the birth of Conn of the Hundred Battles. And in LL. 200 a 12, we read that it fell southwards over Mag n-Ailbi, that it bore 900 sacks of acorns, and yielded three crops every year — "apples, wonderful, marvellous; nuts, round, blood-red ; and acorns, brown, ridgy."

[67. FiNDLOCH Cera.] — [fo. 5'^ i] Find loch Cera, cid dia ta ? Ni ansa.

Enlaith tiri tairngiri dodheachadar and do fhailte fri Pad/aig dia mbai i Cruaich Aigle. Rofearsat gles forsin loch goma findithir lemnrtr///, -^ rochansat ceol ann gen bhai Padraic forsin cruaich. C^«idh de sin ata Findloch Ceara. Doluidhset tar muir alle enlaith tire tairngire gor gellsad in loch darlibh i coindi Padraig portghil.

Findloch ["White Lake"] of Cera, whence is it ?

Not hard (to say). A flock of birds of the Land of Promise came there to welcome St. Patrick when he was on Cruach Aigle. They struck the lake (with their wings) till it was white as new milk, and they sang music there so long as Patrick remained on the Cruach. So thence is Findloch ("White-lake") of Cera. The birds of the Land of Promise fared hither over sea

Also in H. 44 b; Lee. 487 a; and R. 112 b 2. Versified LL. 158 b. The last sentence I cannot translate.

Findloch Cera, now Lough Carra, in the co. of Mayo. The Land of Promise, one of the Irish names for Fairyland. Cruach Aigle, now Croaghpatrick in Connaught.

[68. Mag Tailten.]— Mag Tailden, cid dia ta ? Ni ansa. Tailltiu inghen Maghmhoir rig Espaine, ben Eachar/i Gairbh vi\eic Duach Teimhin. Ba si mumi Loga nWc Eithleann, ^ isi ro- claidheadh in niagh. No is and atbath. Dia taide fogumhair roladh a ier\. 3 doronadh a gubha 3 xoacht 2} nasad la Lugh [unde Lugnasa(d) dicimus. Coic cet bliadan im/norro j mili ria ngein Crist andsin, ;] nognithe ind aenach la each rig nogeibed Eiri co tainic Patraic, 3 coic cet aenach i Tailltin o Patraic co Duboenach Dondchada (meic Flaind) meic Mail-sechlainn]. Ocus it e teora gesa Tailtean : tec/if tairse gen tairleim, a deagsain tara ghualaind cli ig taidher///- uaithi, faisdibhrugudh f«/rri iar fuineadh ngreine. Unde Magh TaiVfen.

Tailltiu ingean Magmhoir mhoill,

is i sin ro ben in choill,

bumi Logha luaidhit fir,

baile in teidi-sea im Thailltin.

Mag Tailten, whence is it ?

Not hard (to say). Tailltiu, daughter of Maghmor, King of

  • an erased. ^ MS. taighecht.