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Folk-lore Society.

Merrick, Mr. G. F. Aston, The Aberdeen Public Library, Miss K. S. Stanbery, and The Meyrick Library.

A note on "Rescuing a Person from Drowning", by Mr. W. B. Gerish, was read by the Secretary.

Mr. E. Sewell, District and Sessions Judge of Chittoor (North Arcot), read a note on some incidents in two trials for murder which had taken place before him in S. India, and exhibited a photograph of a magic charm for causing the death of a person.

A short discussion followed, in which the President, Dr. Gaster, Miss Lucy Broadwood, and Miss Burne took part.

Mr. Fred Fawcett then read his paper "On some of the Earliest Existing Races of S. India", and at the conclusion of his paper some questions were put to him by the President, Mr. Nutt, and Miss Burne, and answered.

In the course of reading his paper Mr. Fawcett exhibited the following articles, viz., a Hindu marriage card, showing the trident-like marks of Vishnu ; a string of beads ; a silver ornament embossed with gold, worn by KuUen women and no other caste ; heavy earrings ; Kullen bomerangs, and an Australian bomerang for comparison ; short drawers used by the Kullens during certain festivals ; Kullen handkerchief tied round loins or head, and other Kullen cloths.

Mr. Nutt then read his paper on "Some recent Utterances of Mr. Newell and Mr. Jacobs", and a short discussion ensued, in which Dr. Gaster, Mr. Kirby, Mr. Higgens, Mr. Abercromby, and the President took part.

Papers by Mr. E. Peacock on "Magpie Folk-lore"; by Miss Burne on "The 5th of November"; and by Mrs. Murray Aynsley on "Masock", a game played by Cinghalese fisher-boys, near Colombo, were also read.

The Meeting terminated with a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Sewell, Mr. Fawcett, and Mr. Nutt for their respective papers.