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Neapolitan Witchcraft. 7

me si ha da voltare, spesso e tanto deve voltare forte, che per me deve pigliare la morteJ' Then she must lie down without speaking, or else she will herself have much suffering. To detach a husband from his mistress, the wife can go barefooted with unbound hair to a cross- road, where picking up a pebble and putting it under her left armpit she says : ^' Mi calo a terra e pietra piglio, tra

M e N un grande scompiglio, e si vogliono acqiiie-

tare, quando questa pietra qui sotto si viene a pigliare.^' She does the same at a second cross-road, putting the pebble under the right armpit ; then at a third placing the pebble between the chin and breast. Returning to her house she throws the pebbles into the cesspool, so that they

cannot be got at, saying: "J/ allora con N possa

tu parlare, quando queste tre pietre qui dentro viene a pi- gliareP To attract a lover, the witch provides a magnet wrapped with a knotted cord ; it must be worn. Much recommended are cakes containing, according to the case, menstrual blood or sperm. A padlock also serves to sub- mit a person to one's will. In opening it, say: "A^ di

lontano ti vedo, da vicino ti saluto, ti chiudo e non ti sciotgo, se non farai tutta la mia voglia. Then lock the padlock, put a knotted cord round it, and keep it in a safe place. It is possible to overcome the protection of holy medals or other blessed objects, especially if something belonging to the person can be obtained — a bit of his skin, nails, or clothing ; besides this, the co-operation of four or five witches is necessary. They sing together, one saying " Tu gli I'hai fatta, io gli la levo," another replying Tu gli la fai, e non gli la nego.'^ The witches also undertake to break spells. Suspending a sieve on scissors under the bed of a man made impotent, the witch also places there her shoes crossed ; she provides herself with a rosary without medals or other blessed objects, and a packet of unwashed herbs, then tearing the packet and scattering its contents on the ground, she says : " Come io