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Nails, human, in relation to witch- craft, 4, 7, of were-wolves, 9

Nails, iron, used by witches, (Italy) 6, 97, used also to avert witchcraft. 8, to cause death, (Africa) 133, 134, in Attic imprecations, 361

Naka, the spot where a cobra dies, 285

Naming by Kali, its consequences, 346

Namnite priestesses and agricultural sacrifice, at Sena, 367

Nant Peris, sacred well and fishes, 281

Nash, T., on fairies, 36, 46

Nathdwara, idol at, 336

Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo, The, based chiefly on the MSS. of the late Hugh Brooke Low, Sarawak Government Service, by Henry Ling Roth, re- viewed, 171

Nature, divisions of, European, Asiatic, and African, 140

Nature-worship, Vedic, 268

Naxos, 349

Neapolitan Witchcraft, by J. B. Andrews, i

Nedu, porter of the Babylonian underworld, 358

Neevougi, an Irish idol, 355

Nepeta glechina, a cure for chlorosis,

389 Nereids, in modern Greek folklore,


Nerthus, German idol carried about,


Nettles and nettle-tea as cures, 387,

389 New Guinea, god of rain, thunder

and lightning imprisoned, 349 New Ireland, death and funeral

customs of, 334, idea connected

with fall of an idol. 341 New Year's Day, ball-playing on,


Nganga, or Nyanga, the witch-doc- tor of the Fiote, 133, 134, 145

Nicobore, Yorkshire folk-tale by S. O. Addy, 395

Nike Apteros, of Athens, ideas con- nected with the statue, 341, of Olympia, 342

Nile river, the voyage of Osiris upon,

354 Nim tree sacred, 332, 334, branches of, part god of the Koramas, 352

Nineveh, contents of its library, 356


Nino, Antonio de, Holy Week Ob- servances in the Abruzzi, 374

Nipples, cure for abscess of, 388

Nkissi, see Fetish

Nonnus, quoted, 367

Norse legends relating to idols' hearts, 333, to devil-binding, 347

North- Western provinces of India, The, their History, Ethnology and Administration, by W. Crooke, reviewed, 267

Norway, folklore of, flames on bar- rows, 253

Notes on Orendel and other Stories, by Prof. W. P. Ker, 289

Notes on the Spirit Basis of Belief and Custom, by J. M. Campbell, quoted, 329

Novelle Indiane, Le, di Visnusarma {Panciatanira) tradotto dal Sans- critto, da Italo Pizzi, reviewed, 62

Nuad of the Silver Hand, his false limb, 341

Nudity in relation to witchcraft, 3, 6, to marriage, 86

Numbers, uneven, in witchcraft, 8^ four and three, 58, seven, 15

Nut, Egyptian goddess, 177

Nut, worm-eaten, the devil im- prisoned in, 347

Nutt, (Alfred), Presidential Address; The Fairy Mythology of English Literature : its origin and Nature, 29

Oakley, (Bucks) morris-dances of,


Oakum as medical dressing, 389

Oberon 37, 38, 42, 45

Obituary notices ; W. A. Clouston, 94 ; Rev. Walter Gregor, 188

Odysseus, or Ulysses, his name-trick in modern Greek (Lesbian) folk- lore, 276, Hebridean parallel, 383, in connection with Orendel, 292, 294

Odyssey, the, 291, 293, 294

Qidipus and Jocasta, in modern Greek folklore, 276

Ohio, Folk-medicine in, by Mrs. G. A. Stanbery, 185

Ojha, the, Indian exorcist, 331

Old English Customs, by Rev. P. H. Ditchfield, referred to, 310

Old man, the, at the White House,