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��cribed to Reynolds, but, as I was told, by Zoffany, lianas in a place of honour. Here, too, is kept his letter of thanks to Macleod, endorsed " Dr. Johnston's." He wrote it " on the margin of the sea, waiting for a boat and a wind. Hoswell," he continues "grows impatient ; but the kind treatment which I find wherever I go makes me leave with some heaviness of heart an island which I am not very likely to see again." Among other treasures in the same room is Rorie More's horn, " a large cow's horn, with the mouth of it ornamented with silver curiously carved. It holds rather more than a bottle and a half. Every laird of Macleod, it is said, must, as a proof of his manhood, drink it off full of claret without laying it down." ' It is curious that Boswell makes no mention of the


��ancient cup described by Scott in a note to the second canto of The Lord of the Isles, or of the fairy flag. " Here," writes Pen- nant, " is preserved the Braolauch shi, or fairy-flag of the family, bestowed on it by the queen of the fairies. She blessed it with powers of the first importance, which were to be exerted on only three occasions ; on the last, after the end was obtained, an invisible being is to carry off standard and standard-bearer, never more to be seen. The flag has been produced thrice. The first time in an engagement against the Clan-Ronald, to whose sight the Macleods were multiplied ten-fold ; the second preserved the heir, being then produced to save the longings of the lady ; and the third time to save my own ; but it was so tattered, that Titania did not seem to think it worth sending for. This was a super-

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