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This was a bold and uncompromising doctrine, religious in its essence, now being applied in the field of politics for the first time in the history of the world.

Hindu-Moslem Union already achieved.

A careful study of the present situation will convince even the most hostile critic that we have, achieved almost or nearly, all that we had in view. Hindu-Mohammadan dissensions, the root cause of our weakness, are nearly non-existent to-day. We have made rapid strides in sinking our differences and creating that atmosphere of mutual trust and good will without which no common endeavour is possible.

In the serious conflict with the authorities that has taken place, all the communities have stood shoulder to shoulder with one another and have suffered in common. Where blows have been received, where liberty has been restricted and where blood has been shed, the Hindus and Muslims have vied with each other in offering the greatest sacrifice. If this common suffering, willingly undergone, nay sometimes even invited, cannot cement us together, then no force on earth ever will.

Prestige in the dust.

Now let us consider how does the prestige of the Government stand to-day? That prestige is in the dust, never to rise again to enslave our minds. All over India the message of Swaraj has been carried to every hearth and home. Everyone, be he Moderate, be he Extremist, considers self-government as indispensible for India to be able to rise to her full stature and take her rightful place among the nations of the world on a footing of equality. The present system of arbitrary foreign rule is an evil which must be ended, and replaced at as early a date as possible by an Indian Government responsible to the Indian people. The word of the present Government is no longer believed in and faith in its integrity and good intentions is shaken forever. Belief in the justice of the British courts,