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I.—Antiquity of the kingdom of Persia—Its recent Losses—Situation and Provinces of which it is composed, 13
II.—Aspect and Nature of the Soil and Climate, 15
III.—Population—Names, Manners, and Customs, of some of the Tribes of Persia,




I.—Of the King—
Sect I.—His Family—His Household—His Revenues, 23
Sect II.—Feth Ali Shah, 25
Sect III.—Of the Royal Family, 29
Sect. IV.—Of the King’s Titles, 33
Sect. V.—Of the King’s Household, 34
Sect. VI.—Of the King’s Seraglio, 36
Sect. VII.—Of the Coorook, 39
Sect. VIII.—Splendour of the Court—Royal Audiences, 40
Sect. IX.—Of the King's Guards, 42
Sect.X.—Of the King's Power, 43
II.—Of the Great Officers of the Empire—
Sect. I.—Of the Itimad-ad-Dowlah, or Prime Minister, 44
Sect. II.—Of the Ameen-ad-Dowlah, or Second Minister, 47
Sect. III.—Of the Vaca Neviz, or Secretary of State, 49
Sect. IV.—Of the Meer-Aub, or Prince of the Waters, 50
Sect. V.—Of the Beylerbeys, or Governors of Provinces, 50
Sect. VI.—Of the Titles of Mirza and Khan, 52
III.—Of the Government of the Provinces and Cities, 53
IV.—Of the Nature of Landed Property, 56
V.—Of the Sources of the Revenue of the State, 57
VI.—Of the Military Force—
Sect. I.—General Observations, 59
Sect. II.—Of the Arms of the Persian Troops, 61
Sect. III.—Of the Military Art among the Persians, 62
VII.—Of the Mode of Investiture with Offices, and of the Khilaut, or Robe of Honour, 67
VIII.—Of Presents, 69



I.—General Character of the Persian Legislation, 70
II.—Of the Administration of Justice, 72
III.—Of the Law of Marriage, 73
IV.—Of Civil and Criminal Justice, 75
V.—Of the different kinds of Punishments, 78