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Numbers Issued

1. Outlines of Psychiatry. (5th Edition) $3.00. By Dr. William A. White.
2. Studies in Paranoia. (Out of Print.) By Drs. N. Gierlich and M. Friedman.
3. The Psychology of Dementia Praecox. (Out of Print). By Dr. C. G. Jung.
4. Selected Papers on Hysteria and other Psychoneuroses. (2d Edition.) $2.50. By Prof. Sigmund Freud.
5. The Wassermann Serum Diagnosis in Psychiatry. $2.00. By Dr. Felix Plaut.
6. Epidemic Poliomyelitis. New York, 1907. (Out of Print).
7. Three Contributions to Sexual Theory. (2d Ed.) $2.00. By Prof. Sigmund Freud.
8. Mental Mechanisms. $2.00. (Out of Print.) By Dr. Wm. A. White.
9. Studies in Psychiatry. $2.00. New York Psychiatrical Society.
10. Handbook of Mental Examination Methods. $2.00. (Out of Print.) By Shepherd Ivory Franz.
11. The Theory of Schizophrenic Negativism. $0.60. By Professor E. Bleuler.
12. Cerebellar Functions. $3.00. By Dr. André-Thomas.
13. History of Prison Psychoses. $1.25. By Drs. P. Nitsche and K. Wilmanns.
14. General Paresis. $3.00. By Prof. E. Kraepelin.
15. Dreams and Myths. $1.00. By Dr. Karl Abraham.
16. Poliomyelitis. $3.00. Dr. I. Wickmann.
17. Freud's Theories of the Neuroses. $2.00. Dr. E. Hitschmann.
18. The Myth of the Birth of the Hero. $1.00. Dr. Otto Rank.
19. The Theory of Psychoanalysis. $1.50. Dr. C. G. Jung.
20. Vagotonia. $1.00. By Drs. Eppinger and Hess.
21. Wishfulfillment and Symbolism in Fairy Tales. $1.00. By Dr. Ricklin.
22. The Dream Problem. By Dr. A. E. Maeder. $0.60.
23. The Significance of Psychoanalysis for the Mental Sciences. $1.50. By Dr. O. Rank and D. H. Sachs.
24. Organ Inferiority and its Psychical Compensation. By Dr. Alfred Adler. $1.00.
25. The History of the Psychoanalytic Movement. $0.60. By Prof. S. Freud.

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Nervous And Mental Disease Publishing Company

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