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Games For Hallow-e'en


The Fortune Teller must provide the person who is to have his or her fortune told with a piece of paper and a pencil and then proceed to say:

  1. Write "Yes" or "no."
  2. "State a gentleman's or a lady's name." (If a lady's fortune is to be told she must write a gentleman's name and vice versa.)
  3. "Give a number."
  4. "Length of time."
  5. "Yes or no."
  6. "Yes or no."
  7. "Yes or no."
  8. "A color."
  9. "A color."
  10. "Yes or no."11. "Yes or no."
  11. "A shape."
  12. "A measure."
  13. "A sum of money."
  14. "A sum of money."
  15. "A virtue."
  16. "A profession."
  17. "The name of a place."
  18. "A lady's or gentleman's name."
  19. "The name of a place."
  20. "A number."
  21. "Yes or no."

When these have all been written down,