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Games For Hallow-e'en

Spell "blind pig" in two letters? P G; a pig without an I.

Which bird can lift the heaviest weights?—The crane.

Why is a wise man like a pin?—He has a head and comes to a point.

Why is a Jew in a fever like a diamond?—Because he is a Jew-ill.

Why may carpenters reasonably believe there is no such thing as stone?—Because they never saw it.

What is that which is put on the table and cut, but never eaten?—A pack of cards.

Why does a sculptor die horribly?—Because he makes faces and busts.

When does a farmer double up a sheep without hurting it?—When he folds it.

What lives upon its own substance and dies when it has devoured itself?—A candle.

Why is a dog biting his tail a good manager?—Because he makes both ends meet.

What thing is it that is lower with a head than without one?—A pillow.

Which is the left side of a plum-pudding?—That which is not eaten.

What letter of the alphabet is necessary to make a shoe?—The last.

Why is it certain that "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was not written by the hand of its reputed author?—Because it was written by Mrs. Beecher's toe (Stowe).