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In going through this book of games the reader will find that the players for various reasons are penalized or required to pay a forfeit. When a player is so fined he must immediately surrender some pocketpiece or personal belonging as a pawn or security which may later be redeemed when "Blind Justice" passes the real sentence.

The players usually select some ready witted person to assume the part of Justice, another acts as Crier or Collector. Justice is blindfolded and the Crier holds the article over his head saying: "Heavy, heavy hangs over thy head." Justice asks: "Fine or Superfine?" If it be an article belonging to a gentleman the Crier answers "Fine"; if it belongs to a lady he answers, "Superfine," and asks, "What shall the owner do to redeem his (or her) property?" and Blind Justice renders the sentence.

If the proper person has been chosen for Justice a great deal of fun may be caused by the impromptu imposition of ridiculous penalties.