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"My heart revolts within me, and two voices Make themselves audible within my bosom." Wallenstein.

On Margaret's return home she found two letters on the table : one was a note for her mother, — the other, which had come by the post, was evidently from her Aunt Shaw — covered with foreign post* marks — thin, silvery, and rustling. She took up the other, and was examining it, when her father came in suddenly : " So your mother is tired, and gone to bed early ! I'm afraid, such a thundery day was not the best in the world for the doctor to see her. What did he say ? Dixon tells me he spoke to you about her." Margaret hesitated. Her father's looks became more grave and anxious : " He does not think her seriously ill ? " " Not at present ; she needs care, he says ; he was very kind, and said he would call agaiuj and see how his medicines worked."

  • ' Only care — he did not recommend change of